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<a title="minor change to sas_gen.py which should fix #1886" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1887">PR #1887</a>: minor change to sas_gen.py ...
<a title="Pin h5py=2.10 as a conda package" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1881">PR #1881</a>: Pin h5py=2.10 as a conda pa...
<a title="TST: adding h5py as a pip package" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1880">PR #1880</a>: TST: adding h5py as a pip p...
<a title="Fixing version number" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1874">PR #1874</a>: Fixing version number
<a title="Adding pip dependency to yml file so that conda doesn't complain" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1853">PR #1853</a>: Adding pip dependency to ym...

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