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<a title="Allow output of scattering calculator to be used as a theory curve" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1912">PR #1912</a>: Allow output of scattering ...
<a title="1814: Q-range reset" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1884">PR #1884</a>: 1814: Q-range reset
<a title="Distinguish standard model list from full list with plugin models. #1906" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1907">PR #1907</a>: Distinguish standard model ...
<a title="Slicer extension 1344" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1919">PR #1919</a>: Slicer extension 1344
<a title="Ticket 1882 coordinate systems" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasview/pull/1899">PR #1899</a>: Ticket 1882 coordinate systems

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