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<a title="generalise broad peak model" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasmodels/pull/458">PR #458</a>: generalise broad peak model
<a title="DOC: remove sphinx warnings" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasmodels/pull/462">PR #462</a>: DOC: remove sphinx warnings
<a title=" Make sphinx nitpick-happy" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasmodels/pull/441">PR #441</a>:  Make sphinx nitpick-happy
<a title="FIX: move shell_volume to P scaling in P@S" href="https://github.com/SasView/sasmodels/pull/431">PR #431</a>: FIX: move shell_volume to P...
<a title="Add python model to the list of linked files. Ref sasview 1631." href="https://github.com/SasView/sasmodels/pull/421">PR #421</a>: Add python model to the lis...

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